Our battery testers typically speed up battery aging experiments by a factor of 5-10, helping to reduce testing capacities and cost.


Our software helps you to identify aging side reactions at the positive and negative electrode without cell openings.


High-class measurement electronics maintain outstanding precision also throughout longer testing periods.

Our Portfolio

BATTERY DYNAMICS provides testers for battery testing labs, which are optimized for different sizes of battery cells.

Our deep understanding of lithium-ion battery degradation and our hands-on experience in battery testing help you to reduce your testing efforts, minimize uncertainties in lifetime estimations, and shorten your time to market.

HRT-M10 Series

• Current range: ±10 A
• Supports dynamic load profiles
• Ideal for medium-size cells, up to 5-10 Ah
• Typical formats: 18650, 21700, 26650, …

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HRT-L100 Series

• Current range: ±100 A
• Supports dynamic load profiles
• Ideal for large-format cells, up to 150 Ah
• Typical automotive formats: BEV, PHEV, …

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HPC Training

We also offer trainings to introduce you and your team to the powerful method of high precision coulometry and its benefits for battery aging studies.

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Solutions for Better Battery Aging Studies

Our mission is to speed up the work of battery system engineers and battery material researchers.
BATTERY DYNAMICS testers provide more accurate results than standard battery testers and help to reduce the time and cost for the search of new battery materials and the development of new battery systems with lifetime-optimized operating strategies.


Accelerate the development of new fast charging protocols for electric vehicles: Our high precision coulometry battery testers help you to determine the maximum charging rate for various operating conditions to avoid lithium plating and side reactions at the negative electrode, which deteriorate battery life.


Batteries with higher energy densities require new battery materials, which provide higher capacities and higher battery voltages.
High precision coulometry allows you to test many electrode material and electrolyte varations within a short period of time to identify innovative solutions for next-generation batteries.


Battery models and numerical simulation speed up the development of new battery systems.
The BATTERY DYNAMICS testers help you to facilitate and speed up the parameterization process of battery aging models.
Lifetime projections with higher reliability can already be performed at an early stage of the developoment process.


Temperatures below 0°C reduce the performance and cycle life of lithium-ion batteries considerably.
With our high precision coulometry testers, you can identify the degradation mechanisms that stress your battery cells and develop optimized thermal management strategies that prevent premature failures.


High Precision Coulometry

BATTERY DYNAMICS develops innovative battery testers. We are using the method of high precision coulometry, which generates faster results and provides deeper insights into the degradation of the batteries during cycling. We develop this method further and our software helps to get the maximum outcome of every battery aging study.


High precision coulometry requires a very accurate measurement of the charge quantities that are charged and discharged to/from a battery. Differences between the values from charging and discharging reveal the degradation rates.


One of our objectives is an excellent long-term stability of the current measurements to keep the charge balances accurate for all kinds of aging experiments – may they last days, weeks, or even months.


The long-term stable ampere-hour integration helps our customers to identify and separate anodic and cathodic side reactions inside the batteries. For example, side reactions after lithium plating can be identified and quantified.


The high resolution of our current and voltage measurements enable you to spot even smallest differences in the aging among different battery cells or different operating conditions, which allows rapid qualitative comparisons.

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About Us

BATTERY DYNAMICS is a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, founded by Dr. Peter Keil.

Let us be your realiable partner in the field of high precision battery testing hardware. Our innovative products help you to get the maximum out of each battery aging study.
It is our mission to create excellent products that combine powerful measurement hardware, unique data processing routines, and an easy to use software interface to speed up your R&D work.


Jobs and Open Positions

We are growing rapidly and always looking for new talented and highly-motivated people supporting our team. Please see the list of open positions for full-time employments, working student positions or Master Theses. For more details, just send us an e-mail:

Hardware (Electronics)

Full-time, working students 

Development of next-generation battery testers. Experience in PCB design (e.g. with EAGLE) required. Strong analytic skills and experience with complex board layouts are a big plus.

Software (Java Script)

Full-time, working students

Test control and SQL database design for handling all battery measurements and resulting test data. Experience with Java Script or web interface design required.

Software (Embedded Systems)

Full-time, working students

Further development of the firmware of our battery testers. Embedded programming experience (e.g. STM32, Raspberry Pi, ATMEL XMEGA) required. Strong analytic skills and experience in systematic software design are a big plus.

Master’s Thesis

Master Students (e.g. from TUM)

Various topics in the field of battery degradation. Experience with lihtium-ion batteries and MATLAB are a big plus.
We are collaborating with:
Technische Universtität München, Lehrstuhl für Elektrische Energiespeichertechnik
 (Prof. Andreas Jossen)