BATTERY DYNAMICS - High Precision Coulometry Battery Testing

Jobs and Open Positions

We are growing rapidly and always looking for new talented and highly-motivated people supporting our team.
Please see the list of open positions for full-time employments, working student positions or Master Theses.
For more details, just send us an e-mail:

Hardware (Electronics)

Full-time, working students

Development of next-generation battery testers. Experience in PCB design (e.g. with EAGLE) required. Strong analytic skills and experience with complex board layouts are a big plus.

Software (Java Script)

Full-time, working students

Test control and SQL database design for handling all battery measurements and resulting test data. Experience with Java Script or web interface design required.

Software (Embedded Systems)

Full-time, working students

Further development of the firmware of our battery testers. Embedded programming experience (e.g. STM32, Raspberry Pi, ATMEL XMEGA) required. Strong analytic skills and experience in systematic software design are a big plus.

Master’s Thesis

Master Students (e.g. from TUM)

Various topics in the field of battery degradation. Experience with lihtium-ion batteries and MATLAB are a big plus.

We are collaborating with:

Technische Universtität München, Lehrstuhl für Elektrische Energiespeichertechnik
(Prof. Andreas Jossen)